Friday, 10 May 2013

Response 1: Brains over brawn

Being a kid at school was hard for Carl. He wasn’t the best at everything. He had brains, but he got bullied for being rubbish at sport.
On the way home from school he would get a kicking.  Carl snapped one day and swung around for a return punch.
"You losers are not better than me!!?”
"Yeh? Any of us could beat you in a race any time".

The ring leader wasn’t happy.
The kicking continued, but Carl’s brother drove past, the bullies scattering.  Not before the leader said.
"We race tomorrow from here to the town-hall. If you lose, you’re dead".
3:30 next day and ready to race, but Carl was smiling.
As his competitor sped off, Carl plodded along.
His competitor came to the end, only to see a smug Carl.
Carl had won.  As the loser walked away, Carl was happy that his older brother could drive.

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  1. Poor Carl, good to see him getting the last laugh though.