Friday, 3 May 2013

Response 1: Into the deep

It’s been a long struggle, learning to accept myself. I’ve come as far to say I love and appreciate every scar, every flaw. My setbacks lead me to where I am today, taking those first steps again- I was reborn.

21 long months, they said I would never walk again- making each step sweeter. My artificial leg marked all the work I had done to rebuild my life.

So now I guess I’m doing the impossible, but I had to do this, fear could not get the better of me.

Whether I came out of it alive made no difference, the reward outweighed the risk.

The water washed over me I felt overcome with emotion and liberation, losing my leg those months ago to the great white had not been in vain- this is the freest I’ve felt in my life!

Going back to the Indian Ocean was perfect closure.

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  1. A powerful story about over coming your worst fears.