Friday, 24 May 2013

Response 1: Valkryie Brunnhilde

Just as assumption can make an ass out of you and me, the counter presumption that one should not speculate on an outcome which is still in progress as a certain ring of truth attached to it!

There are many examples that resonate throughout history whereby the colloquialism of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory due to a sometimes ill-advised or arrogant over confidence in an expected end to proceedings has culminated in the unexpected, Senator John Kerry is all too well versed in this as is General Franco and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Life will always throw up the unexpected, no one can account for the multiplicity of random variables that converge at a particular moment in time to create an event.  This unpredictability is what makes the rich tapestry of life so interesting, if everything had a preordained predictability we would never leave the house.

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  1. A valid point well expressed, albeit with a slight overload of verbosity.