Friday, 24 May 2013

Response 2: Singing A Cappella

I’m 56 years old the whole of my life I have been working towards this moment.  I may have put a bit of timber on, middle age spread I call it but my voice is pitch perfect.  I am singing a cappella in the biggest concert of my life.  My ‘band’ are fantastic, Johnny’s drum sounds pound in my chest, Sarah and Ben’s beat boxing are sublime this is going to be the most fantastic day of my life.

Everybody is getting ready, my husband, children and even grandchildren and their friends are going to be there.  I pulled my dress over my swelling bosom and tugged it over my hips took one last look in the mirror and set off.

I went into the bathroom for one last gargle with TCB then walked onto the stage.  In front of the whole of St Patrick’s primary school I began……Twinkle Twinkle

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  1. Amusing, intriguing, even inspiring!