Friday, 3 May 2013

Response 2: Sophie's choice

Sophie Wilkes was the quiet, shy type of girl. A school librarian, an ace student and a model pupil, she was the delight of all her teachers.

She hated herself. Why couldn’t she be more like Amanda Barnes? Pretty, confident, popular with boys – that’s what Sophie aspired to.

But that was just a pipe dream. Amanda had never even spoken to Sophie before. It was a huge surprise when she sat down beside her at lunch and set her up on a date with Chuck – captain of the soccer team.  The answer was an emphatic ‘yes’ – finally her ticket to the big time. Date sealed, Amanda had walked away giggling but Sophie was too ecstatic to notice.

Date night was last night. Chuck drove her to the woods and hadn’t taken no for an answer. Battered and bruised, Sophie began her walk of shame down the school corridor.

Thanks Amanda!


  1. A very jealous collegue or was Amanda just trying to do a good deed..
    Great story.

  2. The winner!!!!