Friday, 10 May 2013


It’s a travesty; an unbelievably perverse disaster has brought me to this point.  I’m stood in court waiting to be sentenced for killing somebody I didn’t even know before this.

One year ago tomorrow my wonderful husband of 20 years confessed to killing his mistress’s husband.  We were happy, we were in love or so I thought.  I guess me loving him has brought me to this point.  I agreed to help him get rid of the body in return for him leaving her and us starting over.  My DNA was found all over his body, there was no evidence that my husband had even been near him.
As the jury marched back into the court room I knew my fate had been sealed.  Life in prison.

As I was taken down to the cells I noticed my husband and that bitch smirking whilst they walked away hand in hand

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  1. Good story - part of me feels sorry for her but I also think she got her just deserts for her naiveity and stupidity.