Friday, 17 May 2013

Response 2: We’re Not in Aberdeen Anymore

The rain lashed against Sir Alex’s hotel window. The radio was on and it spluttered out the dire match report from the Manor Ground . “…Alex Ferguson’s honeymoon period is over as his first game ends in defeat…”

He was 346 miles from home and 26 years from adulation and the Oxford hotel felt gloomy. He wasn’t in Aberdeen anymore and the English press made sure he knew it. He didn’t have the players or the support, he was a Scotsman in a very English city.

The team lacked goals, the defence was frail… he’d inherited a stuttering a machine and he knew the task at Manchester United was going to be harder than anything he’d seen north of the border. Yet, despite the gloom, he knew there was something in this team. He’d be heading back to Scotland tonight but he’d be at Old Trafford first thing Monday morning.

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  1. loved this... good job he didnt give up right at the start and kept up hope for man u :)