Friday, 24 May 2013

Response 3: Is it all over for Johnson?

It was Carl Johnson’s debut for Manchester united, at 19 years old making the 1st squad against Liverpool was a dream come true. Johnson was bookies favourite to score this game; he looked like he had an amazing future ahead of him.

It was a very close game with Johnson almost scoring a few times as well as setting up a goal in the second half for Rooney, as extra time comes into play of 4 minutes and the score was 1-1 you could feel the tension in the stadium.

He’s away, Johnson has the ball with only one player in front of him can he finish this?

Johnson looks up to see Gerrard running towards him, this will be make or break for Johnson, and break it was as Gerrard went in for the tackle Johnsons leg broke in 2, the game ended and unfortunately so did his career.

1 comment:

  1. Enthralling and all too realistic. However, one wonders whether it's very likely that the 'one player in front' would be an attacking midfielder!