Friday, 17 May 2013

Response 3: True colours

“This is it!” thought Alexandra as she lay waiting on her bed. Four hours from now her lifelong wish will finally come true. Her hospital gown was shaking and she realised she was trembling, not from fear but excitement that she would no more have to live in denial.

Simon, her one true friend, gripped her hand and smiled reassuringly. Simon had been the only one to understand her plight. It was all too much for her parents who’d ostracised her years ago. Perhaps it was unsurprising given their traditional upbringing.

A tomboy at school, she was happier climbing a tree than playing with Barbie. During college she experimented with boys but soon found girls more appealing. At uni she realised the truth, she was a man trapped in the wrong body. Today is liberation day. One last operation and it’s bye bye Miss Alexandra Ferguson, hello SIR Alex Ferguson.

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  1. haha this made me laugh ... imagine if this was true? great story well done