Friday, 24 May 2013

Response 4: Mardi gras

800,000 people packed in less than 5km2. What better way to make a statement to shock the world out of its apathy?

Years of planning were set to come to fruition. The wheels had been set in motion, the details meticulously checked time and time again. The Rio Carnivale 2013 will be remembered for all time.

D-day arrived. Yousef discreetly pressed an envelope stuffed with cash into the officer’s palm and the float was cleared onto Main Street. Just minutes to go now…

Yousef waited a few final minutes before flicking the switch and disembarking, slipping away into the crowd. Slowly, the liquids in the pipes hidden within the float walls began to mix and boil up into the night sky.

“Look mummy, the fat lady’s gargling” observed a young boy, pointing excitedly at the toxic bubbles spewing forth from the float.

800,000 casualties in the name of a God.


  1. Amusing, even delightful. A fascinating and ingenious twist on the theme.

  2. By the way, you've won!