Friday, 31 May 2013

Response 5: Help, I'm being followed!

Another after work meeting.  My boss trying to sweeten the pill by buying a few glasses of wine.  That’s why I’m on the last bus from Manchester.

I am unusually nervous tonight, I’m sure the man in the trench coat has been watching me.  My imagination running into overdrive as I see my stop approaching.  I stand up to walk the length of the bus and just as I step off I sense him behind me.  Oh fuck fuck fuck, I walk as quickly as possible towards home, he is right behind me.  Calm down, phone in one hand keys in the other.  Where the hell is my phone?  He is within shouting distance of me now.  ‘Excuse me Miss’ I hear him say, ‘excuse me’ without slowing down I turn my head he has caught up to me now, ‘is this your phone?  You dropped it on the bus’

1 comment:

  1. Funny how our natural inclination is to think negatively isn't it? Liked the positive, uplifting ending.