Friday, 17 May 2013

Response 5: Love hate relationship

Managing an under 12’s football team was hard work especially the early mornings.  It was even harder as Barry Scott’s team always won.
He was a lucky get and would always scrape that win or seem to get that free kick when needed.
So, here we are at the end of season award ceremony and here was Barry again giving his league winning speech... again.

“I’ve based myself on Alex Ferguson” he started with.
Here comes the “self praise” speech, but then something changed in me. 
Instead he explained, like Ferguson every one hated him because he won, we are jealous of him as he had what they wanted, he wasn’t the best manager so he had to work harder than anyone else to hit his goals, and simply wanted it more.
He was right, he wasn’t any better than me; he just put more effort in than I did.  

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  1. one of my faves this week... sometimes people really deserve to be the best and win because of the work they put in. well done :)