Friday, 28 June 2013

Response 1: Summer Song n' Dance

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…”

I stare at the stereo. I hate this song SO much. The melody, Cliff’s vocals, it all just grates at my very core. It’s been that way since I was nine years old.

I only had to listen to it once a year on the annual trip to Wales with the family. Crammed into the back of dad’s Mondeo with my cousin and our entire luggage, the journey to Wales was full of chirpy holiday music.  

“Fun and laughter on our summer holiday…”

I used to scream “turn it up” and my dad would oblige. I used to jump out my seat and dance. It caused fits of laughter. I will always remember my dad looking at me. I will always remember it because my ‘act’ distracted him from watching the road and caused him to crash the car. I miss you dad.

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  1. oh no what a tradgic story :( its sad how a song that once made you so happy can now make you so sad. good take on this weeks topic.