Friday, 28 June 2013

Response 2: A surprise destination

Jim was busy arranging our summer holiday, a surprise destination.  A 12 hour flight he said, 12 hours!  We were definitely going somewhere hot.

As I packed I could almost feel the soft beach beneath my toes, this was going to be bliss.  Even at the airport he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, it didn’t matter I loved him more each day and trusted him implicitly. 

A couple of short hours later I was fuming, so angry I could have beat the living daylights out of him.  Alaska, fucking Alaska!  ‘Well you know how long I have wanted to see the Northern Lights Shelia, Alaska is the best place to see them’.

As I looked up into the beautiful colourful sky to watch the amazing auroras I realised it didn’t matter where we were as long as I had his arm to snuggle into I was in heaven.  

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  1. Aww this one is really cute at the end, it doesnt matter where you are its who your with that counts... this weeks Winner! well done