Friday, 21 June 2013

Response 3: Stranded

The sun beat down on the ground, once covered in thick ice, now bone dry and cracked open due to the unrelenting heat. This unforeseen climate change was unprecedented. Scientists around the world were baffled, there simply was no explanation.

Her mothering instinct had seen her usher her calves from the shallow rock pool days ago. Unfortunately, her sheer size and weight precluded her from joining them. They were vulnerable in the open ocean and will quickly need to learn how to fend for themselves but still, the odds were better than the certain death that awaited them here.

Her skin blistered beneath the powerful rays. This felt like the hottest day yet. Only yesterday, she could flip around the pool for brief respite but now there was barely enough water to cover her flippers.

The pilot peered down from the helicopter. Hundreds of walrus carcasses littered the Arctic soil.

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  1. Good take on the title, everyone else has concentrated on the human point of view. Definitely made me think!