Friday, 7 June 2013

Response 5: The final day

Bricks hurled through the air crushing the unfortunate in their path.  Even those that were lucky enough to avoid the falling masonry would not be able to escape the massacre.

The red town hall was in pieces. Its tower clock lay on the ground like an oversized sundial, the great brown doors hanging off their hinges giving the remaining building an almost comical frowning face.

Further down the street trees had been uprooted, walls knocked down, huge caverns formed in the roads.
Chaos in every direction.

Dismembered bodies were everywhere.  Whole families prostrate where they had fallen, held together in an embrace that could not protect them.

Sounds of panic and despair could still be heard over the noise of carnage and destruction.

Until the silence descended.

Still, I can rebuild.  My brother has always been jealous of my Lego models – they never stay built for long.  A spaceship, maybe?

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