Friday, 21 June 2013

Response 5: Summertime

“It’s the hottest day of the year today people get outside and enjoy it”

I’m sick of hearing it... Yea it might be the hottest day of the year but it’s still not hot enough for the clampits next door to be having a blow up pool party in their beach wear. We live in England for God’s sake! Too many show offs in their convertibles, too many posers in their Primark sunglasses and skinny lads with their tops off.. Sun's out guns out? You need a session at the gym mate!

Kids running around with water guns getting you at every chance, usually when you’re just on your way out…love it! Ice lollies, alcohol and loud music all reminds me of summer and there’s always one thing you can guarantee about summer in England … the heavens have opened and the rain starts to pour.  

Brollies at the ready.

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  1. The winner, all of the essays were really good this week. So hard to choose but this one made me smile. I had exactly the same experience a few weeks ago in Heywood...lads with their tops off who really shouldn't have!