Friday, 7 June 2013

Response 7: Amen to that

If what Charles Darwin told us is remotely true – and there are now many who doubt it – mankind is the culmination of successive aeons of research and development. The work of billenia, with each tiny adaption to a changing environment resulting in an improved model, ultimately a whole new product line.

One day soon, however, man will become so successful he’ll outgrow his environment, outbreed himself, get too big for his biology. Indeed, the odds on homo sapiens surviving the 21st century are looking grim. All close relatives will have long since bowed to the inevitable – the mighty gorilla, the stately orang, the cheeky chimp. The very earth that supports this ‘ultimate creation’ is groaning under the strain.

In short, the end of the world is nigh. At least, it is for the two footed  ‘intelligent’ one. And the rest of the planet, flora and fauna, sighs – amen to that!

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