Friday, 5 July 2013

Response 0: The final drag

They were there, I knew they were. Janet would have to leave her handbag on the dining table. Hiding inside would be a pack of B&H, like a little gold brick. How thoughtless of her! Tempting me like that, just after I’d told her I was doing it for real this time.

She wouldn’t miss one, would she? Just one! Better be quick. She’s only nipped next door and will be back soon.

Can’t wait for a drag, suck some of that tar into my lungs, nothing does it for me like that. Not even her. Deep, deep pulls, reviving smoke circulating my lungs, kick-starting my mental processes and gratifying my cravings better than anything on earth.

No, this is too sad. What are you doing! Be strong, you don’t need it. Remember how it saw off your Uncle Jim.

Be strong my ass! It’s my last cigarette, ever. Honest. 

1 comment:

  1. Even though we all know the dangers of smoking. We all think it will never happen to me. Great story