Friday, 5 July 2013

Response 1: Goodbye world

My head was all over the place
I was shaking from head to toe
The mirror didn’t resemble my face
I didn’t know which way to go

I jumped in the car, headlights on
Where to next? I didn’t know
Turning the ignition, thinking of mum
It was too late, time to move on

Heading down the highway, feeling numb
Didn’t think I could do this, now I know I can.
Where’s that pack of fags? Found them, nice one!
Lighting up the Marlboro, feeling like a champ

I’ll miss that feeling, when you take a drag
The head rush, and calm, and being free
There’s nothing quite like, a good old fag
Shit it’s going down, one last puff for me

So here I am, no going back,
The high wall to road, I'm pretty pumped
I take three steps back, one deep breath

Goodbye world… 12 3 JUMP!

1 comment:

  1. This one was the most difficult to judge. Fantastic poem, but just pipped at the post.