Friday, 12 July 2013

Response 2: My dream man

The malice in my voice however held back was apparent as I begrudgingly uttered those dreaded vows.
“I do.”

Do I? He eats with his mouth open and has the attention span of an overworked donkey, primarily whilst I’m speaking.  Hygiene has already gone out of the window, which is a shame. I thought it’d take at least a year of marriage. To be fair, I stopped shaving my legs a long time ago.

Yet still the vows were exchanged, we’re officially married.  It’s not like I wanted this and without doubt I’ll live to regret it.

Walking into the hall’s reception the magnificent buffet caught my eye reminding me why I was here. I’ve always been besotted by Gary Rhodes and meeting, befriending and now marrying his lifelong pal Simon is probably the closest I’ll get to being with the real man of my dreams.

For now that is…

1 comment:

  1. Very funny, not sure it would be worth it though...unless Gary was his housemate and cooked everyday!