Friday, 12 July 2013

Response 3: The smiling sandwich

It had been two long years in the planning, I had started as soon as I found out my slimy snake of an ex had set his wedding date.  Revenge would be sweet.

My catering firm ‘the smiling sandwich’ had blossomed into a thriving business, but as soon as I had extracted my revenge I was closing down.  This plan was all that had kept me going for the last two years.

It was easy to entice the skin-flint to use my services, they were by far the best at the cheapest prices.

I had bought the arsenic at different places over many months to avoid suspicion.  Who cares that others will die in the process, who cares that my staff will take the blame they are all just necessary casualties in my plan to extract revenge. 

Revenge will be sweet, but my cupcakes are sweeter, go on try one!

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  1. Evil - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!