Friday, 19 July 2013

Response 4: Chasing the dream

55 years old and still scraping a living. That wasn’t the vision I held back at school. I should be on a beach earning 10% by now, not forever flirting with destitution.

I had everything going for me; academically bright, a hard worker and positive attitude. A 1st class honours degree at uni was followed by a promising blue chip job and I set about climbing the corporate ladder. Ten years later I’d gone up two rungs and back down one as politics, restructures and bad timing took their toll.
I decided to go solo, setting up a specialist Betamax store. Who knew the superior format would lose out to VHS?

Enough history though. A little bird told me there’s money in the web. I’ve just set up a Hotmail account and a high ranking Nigerian official has found me offering millions. Finally the lucky break I’ve been waiting for…

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  1. Maybe this is the first Nigerian official who actually has millions to offer. Maybe…