Friday, 12 July 2013

Response 6: Rules of etiquette for the wedding Buffet table.

1. No line cutting. You’re not in nursery.  If there are people clearly waiting, there’s no need.  it doesn’t matter if there is only one piece of quiche left and you really want quiche? There will be more quiche, I promise.

2. Don’t let your pre-potty trained child crawl around on the table. Oh wait, don’t let your Granddad either. This is a public eating space.

3. Don’t walk around holding a plate filled with food whilst eating.  Eat at the table.

4. Don’t stop at each station staring at what’s available. This isn’t an art museum. It’s a buffet, with hungry people.

5. Don’t put a hot dog in a bun on a plate, then walk around trying to eat the hot dog sans bun.

6. Do not take a bite of something while standing in front of a food station, decide you don’t like it, and put it back in its pan. (Yes, people you know who you are). 

1 comment:

  1. Perfect, this should be shown at every buffet...maybe with an addition for children's parties to suggest that they don't spit all over the cake when blowing out the candles!