Friday, 12 July 2013

Response 7: The best laid plans

My first catering gig was almost my last. Fresh out of catering college, I’d set up my business and taken my first booking; a wedding reception catering for 300 people.

Menu chosen and food purchased, I turned to a local supplier for the tables and chairs. I had to hire as I didn’t have the capital to buy. Everything was planned meticulously weeks ahead but on the big day a major crisis unfolded. A warehouse fire had destroyed my supplier’s stock. Plan B? They referred me to a camping supplies company.

I laid out a magnificent spread fit for a king. Tabling that final fruit platter proved too much weight for the makeshift table and the whole thing collapsed. Wedding ruined, fee lost and hefty compensation bill looming. I was saved by a leaked video of the fiasco that went viral leading to a series of well-paid media interviews.


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  1. Oh no, what a nightmare! Still, there is always a silver lining.