Friday, 23 August 2013

Response 1: A chance in a million

It is payday. So here I am again. 

A risk taker.

A double or nothing kind of person.

All or nothing.

A real player.

A gambler.


I don’t have a game, I play them all. I win big, lose bigger, lose even more. Friends and family have tried to intervene, but they don’t get it. I know the odds. Hell, I understand them better than any of them. It’s not about that.


It is about the thrill, the game, the risk, the suspense of seeing the dice rolling, the ball stopping, the cards being drawn.


It is about that chance; that one in a million chance that I hit it big. Will I? Well you know the odds as well as I do. But the anticipation of the jackpot rolling up is a high like no other.


And what if it does? I guess it will be double or nothing.


1 comment:

  1. What a gamble! I do hope the dice rolled in this guys favous