Friday, 16 August 2013

Response 1: Drastic meaures

Refresh, refresh, refresh – so goes the endless nightly cycle.

I reckon we’ve exchanged maybe 100 words in the last week.

It wasn’t always this way but I simply can’t compete with the lure of technology. Hell, I’m not much better myself.

Whether it’s the inane Facebook updates, the incessant text drivel or the mind-numbing hours dwindled away on Candy Crush, there’s no doubt he’s positively addicted! Throw in all those eBay auctions he insists on bidding on and it’s not just a time cost, it’s burning a hole in the wallet too.

That blasted phone follows him everywhere. Christ, he even takes it to the toilet. What cant possibly wait 5 minutes eh?

You should have seen his face when he misplaced it last week. It was like his arm had been severed.

Time for drastic action or he’ll be losing more than his precious phone.

Now where’s that hammer?


1 comment:

  1. Ah the 21st century curse of technology. Maybe put the phone in flight mode before throwing it at the wall! :)