Friday, 9 August 2013

Response 1: Hey Jon, got an app

In business, of course, we’ve grown used to them.  But in our private lives there are so many things these days that computers and mobiles can do for us. I blame all that software.

They can keep in touch with our friends, write our letters, pay our bills, find us a date, shop for our groceries, diagnose our illnesses, stimulate our sexual appetites, choose a holiday, find long-lost acquaintances, give vent to our ravings – the list is endless.

Soon they’ll be able to drive our cars, too. But will they always take us to where we want to go? Perhaps they’ll be able to ride our bikes for us too – we just key in some commands, sit on the saddle and start pedalling to who knows where.

Where will it all end, one wonders? I’m confident there’s one thing they’ll never say ‘I’ve got an app for that’ though …

1 comment:

  1. Sad but true, we are becoming an extremely lazy nation!