Friday, 23 August 2013

Response 1A: Chance in a million

Moving to New York after a painful divorce was always going to be crazy.
Waking up for the first time in the city that never sleeps was an eye opener.
I was on top of the world in my Manhattan skyscraper, it truly felt like the city of 10,000 storeys.
After a while, things settled down. Work was going well, was making friends and finding adventures in the concrete jungle.
Except my heart was lonely.
Eventually I placed an ad in the New York Times, hoping to find love. The Big Apple of my eye.
The message arrived Sunday. By Tuesday we'd become friendly via private chat. By Friday I'd started thinking about her constantly.
She sounded perfect. I couldn't wait any longer and asked to meet. I walked in the coffee shop for our first date and was flabbergasted to see it was none other than my ex-wife.

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  1. Great story,that sounds like the ideal nightmare situation for anyone, i wonder if the date went ahead? Sorry this was not seen in time!:-(