Friday, 23 August 2013

Response 2: Fat chance

Di and Dodi. Speeding down the Pont d’Alma Tunnel. Simultaneously, all 17 security cameras go down – the only time ever. All while the Paris Police short wave radio goes down – only the second time since the War. All while a doctor happens to be cruising the other way, delaying the casualty for 40 minutes despite being within a few minutes’ drive of five hospitals. Chance in a million?

Jumbo jets hit the World Trade Centre, just as security forces practise a ‘test exercise’ where the same thing happens. The pilots can perform stunning aeronautics in huge aircraft, despite previously being unable to fly a 2 man Cesna. The Pentagon is hit, again while a similar ‘dummy exercise’ unfolds. Chance in a million?

A tubetrain is blown up in central London, while security forces are undergoing an exercise where – a train blows up near a tube station! Chance in a million?


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  1. Very thought provocing conspiricy theroies here, a close seccond