Friday, 16 August 2013

Response 3: Grief junkie

Okay, in my earlier days once a month would be the usual procedure, finding them wasn’t the problem; it was my fear of being caught. I had gotten past that, I found making a fake persona easier each time. That was the part I enjoyed most. That and the overwhelming sense of emotion felt on the day, any faith I lost in people disappeared you could feel love and peace- this is what kept my obsession alive.

Now I was doing at least 3 a week- I needed my fix.

Waiting in the chapel today was Doris’s day. She sounded like a lovely lady, I’m sure she was.

This may sound strange, but don’t think I’m the only one- Grief junkies they call us, you can spot one, they have a particular look. Attending stranger’s funerals was not only an addiction; it was a way of life- for me anyway.



  1. Nice idea, funerals will be the death of us!

  2. A very close competition to call, but this tale is deliciously dark and therefore, the Nifty 150 winner!