Friday, 9 August 2013

Response 3: An iPhone ruined my life

You get what you deserve in life or so they say. I’d always loved to play the field and as special as Julie was to me, when I said ‘I do’, deep down I wasn’t sure. I stayed faithful for the first 3 years – a record for me. A boozy night with my mates led to my first illicit liaison. Many more soon followed.

My affair with her best friend Sarah was perhaps the ultimate insult and biggest risk. We’d kept it secret for 18 months now but the truth came out in style last week. Julie was at her house checking Facebook on our laptop in her bedroom. Sarah had misplaced her iPhone.

“There’s an app for that” Julie said, handing over the laptop.

Unfortunately, I was still logged in and when the beeping phone retrieved from under the duvet was mine, not Sarah’s, the penny quickly dropped.


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  1. Oh dear, technology has a lot to answer for, although I'm sure he would have got his just desserts.