Friday, 23 August 2013

Response 3: Lucky shot

I’d been a huge Lakers fan since I was a little kid but never been to a game ‘cos my folks were poor and we couldn’t afford the ticket. I caught most games on the TV though. I was super stoked when my buddy Todd won two court-side tickets in a sweepstake and picked me to go with him. Awesome!

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was randomly chosen for the blindfold challenge during the interval.  Sink a basket from the half-way line, blindfolded and win $100,000. A chance in a million, but hey, still a chance right?

I steadied myself and launched that ball. Silence followed by screams and huge applause. I did it! I ripped off the blindfold. Everyone was on their feet. Amazing! I couldn’t wait to tell mom. I got home and turned on the TV. It showed me shooting….

and missing. I’d been pranked!

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  1. Oh no! You can just imagine this poor boys embarrasment- great story