Friday, 23 August 2013

Response 4: Mr. 402.002

It was a stupid idea, packing for EVERY possibility. The invite didn’t specify a bag allowance but did say I could be queuing for up to three months while they process me. I felt that caveat alone required me to be prepared.


The first step inside the quarantined area, they gave you a number somewhere between one and one million. They then say, “Prepare for a wait, kid”. Then you do just that. Wait.


Everybody, they’re just waiting. Some clutch rosaries, some pictures of family, I just stand and stare at the 999,999 other souls waiting to be chosen. I catch the eye of a young girl; she is beautiful and quite clearly scared by the crowd. I smile and she points at my skateboard and says, “You planning to skate much?” I look sheepishly at the board and shrug, “You never know what we’ll do when we get there”.




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  1. I wonder where this que was leading? I want to find out! This story made me want to read more so this has to be this weeks WINNER !