Friday, 16 August 2013

Response 4: A sweet tooth saved my life

I used to be chubby.  It all started when I had my heart broken.   The love of my life ended things, I thought I would never be happy again.   I found myself indulging Haribos.  My ex used to love them and they reminded me of her and happy times. 

Every day, I would walk past the shop and buy several packs.  The next day I couldn’t resist not just walking past.  

For 6 months I found my solace in bags of tangy sweets.  

It was starting to get noticed.  The cashier firstly said nothing; just give me a slight smile.

Then it was “the usual?” 

I realised the problem when Jenny mentioned that I was a lot bigger than I was we first met.  

Now jenny and I have been going out for 2 years, so thank you Haribos, without your moreish tangy taste I wouldn’t have been happy again.


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  1. A sweet tale with just a hint of sourness :)