Friday, 2 August 2013

Response 4: Unwelcome house guest

Cling clang bash!

Footsteps along the corridor, creaking of the floorboards.

I wish that bastard would give it a rest. He had been dead 100 years what did he have to still be angry about.

His house (apparently). It’s not worth getting the cliché exorcist in- it’s been done, this wasn’t a corny 90’s horror movie. Truth is this had gone beyond terror. It was downright irritating.

I often use the poltergeist as an excuse I haven’t had a woman stay over in the years of living here, although my Mother would argue it’s my lack of hygiene and morals, what did she know.

The crashing of the back patio I just had fitted was too much- this was war!

I hope Casper was ready for a showdown.

I won’t go into what happened that evening- all I can say is I’m going to need a damn good estate agent.

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  1. oooooooooohhhh
    Casper the (not so) friendly ghost.