Friday, 16 August 2013

Response 5: Addiction both sides now

Addiction, a word ripe with negative connotations. Heroin, cannabis, cocaine, vodka, whisky, gin, sleeping tablets, kinky sex, orange squash, donuts filled with custard, rural bus stops, roof racks – enough already, I’m giving too much away!

Danny Boyle even made a film about addiction – or was it Roddy Doyle? No matter. Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Neil Young, Lily Allen have all written songs about it too.

All predictably miserable, negative stuff, like being flushed down the U-bend of life. After a trawl of the world’s gutters. And a round trip through its sewage systems. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Let’s flip the coin. The gym, jogging, weight training, swimming, spinning bikes, treadmills, yoga, energy, clear heads, slim waistlines, you’re getting the picture now.

To endure the Stygian darkness of night and survive to see the bright new golden dawn of positive addiction. That’s a journey on the Orient Express of life.

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  1. Addictions are everywhere, agreed. Even Lord of The Rings is Hobbit forming ;)