Friday, 9 August 2013

Response 9: There's an app for that

They're saying I'm obsessed!.They're talking about me all the time because I won't leave 'IT' alone. I mean, why would I? It's with me 24/7. (Er ok, obsessed!) It listens to me AND talks back....well, SIRI does! It's my iPad of course and in the year I've had it I've learned hundreds of new things. It's such a time saver (sitting here on my iPad for hours on end!- I check the time on it- there's an App for that. I don't watch TV, cos there's an App for that, don't use the radio (app for that too!) As for the news, there's an App for that!  I shop with an App, sing with an App,   Facebook using the App. I check holiday reviews (there's an App for that) and never miss holiday offers ( because I've a dedicated App that reminds me to look)! I'm quite 'Appy' thank you!

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  1. Great story and sadly all too true.