Friday, 6 September 2013

Response 1: A lucky man

My mate Geoff earns £250,000 a year in some high powered City job. He hasn’t kicked a ball with his son for over a year.

My mate Darren was the most popular guy at school. A good lucking chap, he had his pick from all the ladies. He’s 45 now and just gone through his third divorce.

My mate Erin found fame thanks to a successful pop career. I bumped into her recently. She looked pale, gaunt and miserable. We caught up briefly, she told me she was lonely and didn’t have any real friends.

My mate Kevin is uber fit. Always in the gym or running marathons, he looks after himself and has a good diet. He’s just been diagnosed with cancer.

I’m plain, overweight and barely make ends meet. I have a wife and kids who love me and a good circle of friends.

I’m a lucky man.

1 comment:

  1. A simple story but that is so true. Money, looks, fame, etc...all pales in significance to love and health. Great take on the theme.