Friday, 13 September 2013

Response 1: Oh, parents can be so cruel. Haha

One cold day my family and I decided to walk up Knowl hill.  From the bottom the top looked miles away, in fact the clouds were so low the top wasn’t even visible.  We had been walking up hill for what seemed like hours when mum and dad noticed we were flagging.  ‘Just wait until we get over the next hill we’ll go to the café’  ‘Café?’ Paul and I said in unison. ‘Oh yes,’ said mum.  ‘We’ll have hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows’.

With an extra spring in our step we marched on, mouths watering at the prospect of the delicious hot chocolate.  When we finally reached the top we were in for a disappointment.  No café, well of course there wasn’t, but mum and dad had to say something to encourage us to walk on.

Years later I did the same thing with my children.  Haha 

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  1. I still do this when I go walking! Snowden is the only one that I've found a cafe on so far though!