Friday, 27 September 2013

Response 1: The Player

Everything that lay ahead of me was in the palm of my hands. This was the letter that I had been anticipating.

I procrastinated over thoughts of my youth, the drug scene and promiscuity went hand in hand- I was your typical player, a new girl each weekend, sometimes 3 a week, in my finer efforts 3 a night. Can’t lie and say I wasn’t proud of my ‘achievements’ now I look back with regret and shame. The thought ‘careful’ wasn’t even on my mind.

When I met Jasmine is when things changed, she was not involved in that lifestyle, and in her eyes I could see a way out. Most of all she saw the good in me, when I didn’t even see it in myself.

Opening the letter I knew this had to go my way, not just for me- but Jasmine and our unborn baby.

HIV positive.

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  1. Touching story!!!!! It should be made into a film.