Friday, 6 September 2013

Response 2: Based on a true story

Chung Wang came to the UK when he was a baby; his family wanted a better standard of living for him.  He left school with many GCSEs and 5 A levels.  Doing advanced maths at university helped in his chosen career.  He became extremely rich, card counting; every casino in Manchester had banned him.

When his mate suggested a game of blackjack with a few others he jumped at the chance.  He intentionally lost the first few games, but when Chan said let’s make this interesting he knew it was time to start winning.  It didn’t take long for him to wipe Chan out, but Chan was determined to win some back.  ‘I’ll bet my takeaway on this next hand’ he said.  Too easy thought Chung and that was how he ended up with a chip shop.  What other name could he call it than ‘Lucky’s fish and chip bar?’


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  1. Well played Chung. Well played Nifty author too. Good take and interesting story.