Friday, 27 September 2013

Response 2: Who said video games were bad for you?


My Grandson is a typical teenager all I hear is grunts coming from his bedroom.  The last conversation I had with him involved COD and it wasn’t even Friday!


I wasn’t allowed into his bedroom. I’m not naïve I know teenagers need their privacy, but the noises coming from there were too much I needed to have a peep.


The next day when he went off to school I steeled myself and opened his door.  It was spotless, immaculate and given pride of place was the game machine I’d bought for his birthday.  Since I’m here anyway…….I picked up the doofer.  FIFA came on the screen.  I was so engrossed I didn’t hear him come up the stairs.  I expected outrage but he just took the doofer and laughing said ‘so this is what you do all day Grandad, shove over we’ll play C.O.D together.  We’ve been doing that every Saturday since. 

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  1. We all should spend time with elderly they are not here forever.