Friday, 13 September 2013

Response 4: Hill 937

Colonel Conmy surveyed his battle plan one final time and issued his command. The US platoon began their assault on the mountain. One final hill and they’d finally break the back of this wretched enemy. One final push stood in their way.

The hill was eerily silent belying the thousands of soldiers currently inhabiting its unforgiving slopes. The silence was interrupted by the faint rumble of helicopters flying in. Their welcome sound galvanised the men scrambling upwards.

Deep underground, an NVA chief barked final orders sending his men scurrying into the vast network of tunnels that criss-crossed the mountain. The odds were stacked against them but what they lacked in military might they made up for by being well drilled and fiercely committed to their cause. They would not go down without a fight.

A solitary cry of pain signalled the start of hostilities.

There’d be many more to come.

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  1. The winner! I wanted it to continue, was Colonel Conmy successful? !