Friday, 18 October 2013

Response 2: Every action has a consequence

Bertie Black was a loving family man.  He had a wife and two beautiful children.  What he didn’t have was money; absolutely everything that came in went out again, he was sick of it.

Whilst walking the dog one cold windy evening he found a book, it had page after page of hand written notes.  The next day when reading through the book he realised it was detailed instructions on how to make and distribute methamphetamine.  He’d seen breaking bad, he knew there was money to be made, lots of money.

Several months later, he had made over £5,000,000, this was too easy.  It was only by chance that he noticed his Daughter itching and picking at her skin, that’s odd.  She looked dirty, she was losing weight, losing hair in fact she had most of the symptoms he’d seen in his best junkie customers.  No! Not my beautiful Jenny? 

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  1. Was this Karma? He didnt think about what harm he was causing until it actually hit home.. great take on the topic loved this!