Friday, 25 October 2013

Response 2: Free weekend

Paul had always been a player, a hit with the ladies, which is why it’d been such a shock when he’d proposed to Lucy.

Lucy’s job had taken her away from home more frequently in the last few months.  Paul had tried to keep the fire going but something was lacking, that spark they’d had at the beginning.

He’d met with Lucy’s best friend last week.  They’d had such a good time, really clicked.  It still made him laugh thinking about it now.

The hotel was just off a trading estate, not really the place for a romantic liaison, but Paul still had butterflies in his stomach as he entered the reception.  He nearly turned back as he stepped into the lift.

Paul mused on what a good idea it would be to surprise Lucy on their wedding anniversary…as he saw her walk in arm in arm with another man.

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  1. Did not expect this ending! I'm sure Paul will be back to his old ways again soon