Friday, 18 October 2013

Response 4: Captured Moment

Alberqueque has been home since I was a kid. More than that, all my memories were made here. It’s not the place I’ll miss it’s the memories. That time was right in the past; it was time to move on. 

The last thing I came to pack was my most treasured possession.  The framed photo of me and my gramps, he remains my best friend. When I look at this I feel him close to me. Any time I had any doubt about myself or my life I could come to this photo. Gramps told me this photo will help me through life, always keep it close.

Picking up the photo, my hand unsteady. It smashed to the floor. Picking up the pieces, I could see an envelope at the back of the photo.

"My darling Kaylee, enclosed is a map containing coordinates. This is my legacy to you." 

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  1. Love love love this one its my fave.. take it this is mikes grandaughter? He was one of my faves in BB this weeks WINNER well done