Friday, 25 October 2013

Response 5: While the cat's away...

We’ve been married 12 years, happily for the first 3 I reckon. I’d stuck with Stuart for the sake of the kids really. My job made it easy. I was a sale rep, always on the road en route to clients. I never planned things to pan out this way, it just sort of happened.  The early passion fizzled out. I’d come home for the weekend and my husband barely gave me a second look.

A colleague introduced me to the agency. Check in online and find other horny people for a one night stand in your area. It took ages to pluck up the courage but after my first liaison I was hooked. It was such a rush!

I slipped into my silk negligee and waited on the hotel bed.

A knock on the door.

Come in Mr tall, dark and handsome.

I open the door.

Shit! It’s Stuart!

1 comment:

  1. Haha this really made me laugh! I wonder what happened next, I bet Stuart was just as red faced!