Friday, 15 November 2013

Response 9: I’ve Been Falling All My Life

Aged 4, I fell off my bike and grazed my knee. The scar has never left me. Aged 18, I fell from the sky, a parachute jump. I remember feeling free and at peace as I saw the ground hurtling towards me.

Aged 26, I fell in love and I fell so hard. She was everything to me and I quickly came to see my life in only one way, with her in it. Aged 39, I lost that love. Taken from me too early, I felt nothing but pain. The loss was too much.

I now stand on the ledge of the bridge. With nothing left in my life, I don’t fear death. I just wonder if this fall will leave me scarred like my fall age 4, give me peace like my fall age 18 and put my beside the woman I fell in love with aged 26.

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  1. The pain of lost love can eclipse everything, but it doesn't last forever.

    Samaritans: 0845 790 9090