Friday, 29 November 2013

Response 2: Dancing is my life

Dancing was my life, Mum used to say I could dance before I could walk. I did it all ballet, tap, modern, jazz. I was going to be a professional dancer, then later run a dance studio. Yes I had my career all planned out.

I was 19 studying dance at University, I fell ill, just a cold I thought, I’d soon shake it off. Three days later waking up in hospital I was told I’d contracted meningitis, my left leg had been removed below the knee. I was being fitted with a prosthetic leg next month, how the hell do you come to terms with that?

Many months of blood sweat and tears followed now I am walking again. I tentatively step onto the dance floor. I hear my mother shouting ‘keep dancing Chris, you can do it’ and I can. I will have my career that I’d planned.

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  1. Great little tale, this one. Struck a chord with me too as an ex-dancer - not that I had a leg lopped off though!